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Bamboo-Fusion Massage Kits Bamboo Massage Class

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The #1 provider for bamboo massage training, and bamboo massage stick sets

Bamboo-fusion is an innovative and exciting massage therapy that reduces the stress on the therapist’s hands by employing warm bamboo tools of various shapes and sizes. At the same time it enhances the client treatment with a luxurious experience. Bamboo-fusion is a standalone therapy or it can be combined with Swedish or deep tissue full body massage.

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for the therapist

Benefits of Warm Bamboo Massage...

  • Minimizes repetitive use injury to hands and wrists

  • Warms and softens tissues quickly

  • Easy to apply deep pressure

  • Can be used for NMT/Trigger Point Therapy/Myofascial Release

  • Use of heat and leverage helps reduce restrictions in fascia and scar tissue

  • Increases blood flow to affected area

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for the client

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Benefits of Warm Bamboo Massage...

  • Helps reduce chronic pain

  • Luxurious feel of treatment

  • Neutering and Therapeutic sensation

  • Promotes relaxation and well-being

for the business


  • Increases productivity 

  • Increases profits

  • Decreases Workers Comp claims 

  • Sets the Company apart 

  • Improves quality of job life

  •  Attracts new clientele

Bamboo-Fusion Live Events

September 12-14, 2024

We look forward to getting our massage therapy community together again at the AMTA 2024 National Convention in Tampa, Florida September 12-14, 2024! 

Join us for the best CE courses in the profession, inspiring speakers, and more. 

~ Testimonials ~

Victoria D

"Nathalie, thank you will never be enough! You have fully engaged, inspired and brought out a fire within our Spa Family. All therapists had rave reviews from your 2 day hands-on class. You are truly an inspiration and a master at what you do. 10/10 recommend working with Nathalie and investing in her class! We hope to see you again in the future!"
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