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About Bamboo-fusion® Technique

Our goal is to provide a solid foundation through our hands-on workshops for our graduates to be confident in the technique.  Our hand-saving technique helps extend the careers of massage therapists and bodyworkers by reducing repetitive use and stress injuries.


Bamboo Fusion® is an innovative modality that integrates the use of heat and bamboo tools of various shapes and sizes to massage the muscles of the body. 

Warm bamboo massage is a very versatile technique that can be applied as a luxurious Swedish-style spa treatment or for deep tissue massage. The gentle heat from the bamboo increases circulation and softens muscle tissue and fascial restrictions.

The tools were created to be an extension of your hands and designed to easily replicate the movements and techniques we do with our hands, thumbs, and forearms. Kneading, compression, rolling, Trigger Point Therapy, and effleurage all combine together in this amazing hand-saving modality. Since the tools are comfortable to hold you are able to apply very deep pressure with ease. 

Introducing tools into your practice means working smarter, not harder. Our tools help reduce fatigue while avoiding strain on your hands and wrists. Bamboo-Fusion® massage is a career-extending modality and your clients will love it. 

Bamboo-Fusion® is the original source for warm bamboo massage.
Click here to learn more about the founder, Nathalie Cecilia.



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