Nathalie Cecilia is the founder and creator of Bamboo-Fusion massage.  

Three months after graduating from the Sarasota School of massage in 2004 she opened up her practice; “Two Touch Company” a Thai studio and massage practice.


Nathalie was seeing 7-8 deep tissue clients a day. She started feeling fatigue and pain in her hands, wrists, and thumbs from repetitive use and the demands from a high volume of clients requesting deep pressure. One day she decided to explore the use of her 6ft bamboo poles that she used during Thai massage for balance and support when applying compressive techniques with her feet on one of her clients.  She used the bamboo poles for compression, tapotement and rolling the muscle tissue. Her client loved the pressure and technique! It was then that she imagined creating bamboo tools she could comfortably hold in her hands. It took her two years to develop the method using bamboo tools she fashioned herself from raw bamboo and rattan. Nathalie combined the use of heat, deep tissue and Swedish techniques to create what we know today as Bamboo-Fusion® Massage.


Bamboo-Fusion® has evolved into a reputable woman-owned company that offers the best in the industry live training workshops to licensed massage therapists provided by Nathalie and her dedicated team of Instructors.

Nathalie crafting her first tools in the old days  2004

2004 The bamboo poles that started it all.

Bamboo-fusion Massage
Nathalie Cecilia

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Nokomis, Florida United States 34274


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