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Bamboo-fusion® Massage Instructors

bamboo massage

Nathalie Cecilia: FL 
Founder and President


Hall Of Fame” inductee (World Massage Festival 2009) and Teacher of the Year 2013 Nathalie Cecilia, creator, and master of Bamboo-fusion® Massage Therapy was born in Nimes, South France. With a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Languages from the Universite Des Lettres De Montpellier, she began her career as a teacher and a translator. Traveling around Europe – and later around the world – she crossed the Atlantic to explore the United States and experience life here. It was then she decided to change her career.

Keeping her goal to help people in mind, she attended the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. Three months following her graduation in 2004, she opened Two Touch Company – a Thai studio and massage therapy office in Sarasota, Florida. Many of her clients were asking for deep tissue treatment. She soon began to experience pain and fatigue in her hands and wrists. When she started using bamboo to assist her with deep tissue work, she noticed that her pain subsided and her clients loved it. She developed an innovative way to give Bamboo-fusion® massage on the table (Bamboo-Fusion®) and the chair, meanwhile creating her bamboo set to provide the massage. Her goal today is to help therapists provide deep massage without pain. This technique aids in avoiding repetitive injuries, such as carpal tunnel, and reduces the stress on thumbs, wrists, and hands.

Experience the Bamboo-fusion® massage treatment or ask Nathalie for your very own, private class.

Alternative Therapy 5801 Braden Run Bradenton, FL 34202 (941)727-1500

Text or Call 941-544-6676

bamboo massage

Stacey Vipond: MI

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to help others.  At first, I thought the way to do that was by becoming a nurse.  I was raised to be skeptical of Chiropractors, and therefore, the only option for treatment was in a doctor’s office or by taking a medication.  I soon learned, however, after entering nursing school and working in the hospitals for years that I was not following my dream.  I wanted to help others but, I wanted to do so in a way that Integrated both modern day medicine and holistic practices.  So, I followed my heart and graduated from the Southeastern Institute of Neuromuscular Massage in Charlotte, North Carolina in February 2009.  I have since furthered my studies in Oncology and Hospital Massage, Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Reiki (Level ll Practitioner) and now Bamboo-fusion®. 

Today, I work side by side with a fantastic Chiropractor.  I use my knowledge from my experience in the medical field and apply it to my knowledge and experience as a Massage Therapist.  An instructor in massage therapy school once said, “If you can help someone without hurting them, then you have mastered your craft.”  That being said, I practice with the belief that once you step foot into my treatment room, I will not only help you relax but we will get the work done that you need at the same time.  Bamboo-fusion® has now taken that belief and exploded it into something even more significant.  My clients LOVE it!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to become an instructor for Bamboo-fusion®.  It has opened many doors already for me as I am expanding not only massage therapy within the office I practice; I am opening a training area for Bamboo-fusion® on the lower level of our office Cornerstone Chiropractic & Massage in Lansing, MI.  I’m Blessed!

Text or Call (517) 582-2884

bamboo massage

Veronique Farnault: FL



When growing up in France, Veronique Farnault gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the human body, the way it moves and is held, through diverse dance styles such as ballet, Afro-Brazilian, modern, jazz, and gymnastics. Her dance experience in France and her discovery of the wisdom of the East through yoga served as a dual foundation upon which the Educating Hands Massage School of Miami built, exposing her to a wide range of modalities in 2001. This multidimensional training and approach are at the source of every stroke received on her table.

Veronique has been a licensed massage therapist for over twenty years, specializing in deep relaxation with Bamboo-fusion®massage, shiatsu, connective tissue massage, reflexology, and aquatic bodywork. She loves giving bamboo massage as her signature treatment, incorporating deep tissue work without fatigue, saving her hands and wrists from repetitive stress. Veronique enjoys sharing this extraordinary technique with every massage therapist she encounters as a way to make a difference in the world one person at a time.

Visit with Véronique at

Partners In Healing

12525 Orange Drive 

Suite 713

Davie, Fl 33330

(954) 680-5500

Experience the Bamboo-Fusion® massage treatment or ask Véronique for your very own, private class.

Text or Call (786) 355 0692

bamboo massage

Abigail Bohle: IA







Abigail Bohle LMT is the Certified Bamboo-Fusion® instructor for Iowa. She graduated from Indian Hills Community College in 2013. She has training in several modalities but her favorite by far is Bamboo-Fusion®. She took the class from Davonia in 2021 and fell in love with it. She wanted to bring this career extending modality to as many other massage therapists as possible. “I have always pursued modalities that will provide maximum pain relief for my clients. When I
found Bamboo-Fusion®, I knew this was something truly special. Its wide range of uses really appealed to me. It can meet most of my clients needs with this one modality and that’s impressive. From clients with frozen shoulder, dupuytrens, or just wanting to relax, I have been able to help all with the variety of techniques from Bamboo-Fusion®. After seeing so many of my clients gain more range of motion and pain relief, paired with the ease on my own body, it's one of the most beneficial modalities I’ve learned. It’s something that can help massage therapists and clients all-in-one!” Abigail lives in Iowa with her partner and their two dogs. They run their own massage wellness studio,  Bamboo Sanctuary.

Call or text 319-269-8577

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