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FAQ sur le massage au bambou-fusion

Contactez-nous si vous souhaitez plus d'informations sur la fusion du bambou ou le massage au bambou.

  • Why learn Bamboo-Fusion® Massage?
    The answer to this is really two-fold: First, it feels great for clients and is very relaxing. Clients are often able to receive deeper work without that painful, poky feel. Second, as much as we love our clients, Bamboo-Fusion® was mainly created as a tool to help massage therapists! Deep tissue massage therapists often have shortened careers due to repetitive use of thumb, wrist, and elbow injuries. Let bamboo take the place of your thumbs and forearms so that you can keep working for many years to come!
  • Do I need to take a workshop, or can I just learn the technique from the DVD?"
    The DVDs that come with the bamboo tool sets do show a wide variety of techniques that you can do with the bamboo tools. However, they are not intended to replace learning the technique from an authorized Bamboo-Fusion® instructor. At a workshop, you will earn 16 NCBTMB-approved CEU hours, learn how to comfortably do a full body massage with the bamboo, and you'll have a lot of fun! Our classes are 80% hands-on, so you'll get to give and receive this excellent technique.
  • Are the bamboo sets guaranteed for life?
    Bamboo is a natural element that will change with time and use, so we cannot guarantee it for life. However, if you experience an issue with one of your bamboo pieces soon after purchasing it, please contact Nathalie or your instructor. Nathalie has continually refined the bamboo sets over the years to ensure the highest quality and longevity. Some of our students are still using sets that they bought 8-10 years ago!
  • How do I register for a workshop?
    We now do most of our registration online! Just visit our Workshops page for a full list of Bamboo-Fusion® classes throughout North America. If you don't see a workshop near you or would like to request private training for your staff or group, contact Nathalie.
  • How do you clean and sanitize the bamboo?
    After every treatment, utilize antibacterial wipes designed for hands and face to cleanse each item, ensuring they are free from harsh chemicals or bleach. Replace the embroidered cover on the heating pad just as you would with your table linens. Bamboo, owing to its natural properties, possesses antibacterial qualities due to its high silica content and density.
  • What is the difference between "hot stone massage" and "warm bamboo massage"?"
    Bamboo is easy to use with minimal set up and cleaning. You can apply unique strokes such as kneading,rolling and crisscross. Leverage is used to effortlessly adjust pressure applied. Bamboo set and heating pad are lightweight and easy to carry. Great for out calls/home visits.
  • Does the bamboo stay warm for the length of the treatment?
    The sticks are 100% solid bamboo so they heat evenly and hold the heat well, Routine developed so the tools are used in a certain order and rotated back into the heating pad.
  • How do you heat the bamboo for a full body table massage?
    Commercial grade electric digital heating pad 14 x 27.
  • How long do they last?
    When properly used and cared for according to the directions on the package insert, the bamboo will last for many years.
  • Can the therapist palpate using the bamboo pieces?
    Therapists can feel tightness and adhesions in the tissue similar to when using thier hands. Use of heat and leverage helps reduce restrictions in fascia and scar tissue. Can be used for NMT and trigger points.
  • What are some ideas to assist massage therapists in marketing bamboo-fusion® massage?
    Photographs - a picture is worth a thousand words. Free sample - clients love to be pampered and receive extra attention. Public/private events - provide free chair massage using bamboo at street festivals, events or corporate settings. Feature article - Educate your clients by printing an article and photograph in a newsletter. Spa clients love to hear about new technique treatments.
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