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Enjoy a world-class luxury bamboo massage at home. 

Massage At Home made easy….It’s fun, feels relaxing and your spouse or partner will appreciate the personal attention. Our “At Home” Version DVD and bamboo stick sets are a perfect way to treat your spouse or partner to a relaxing massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The massage is easy and fun to perform. The bamboo can be used directly on the skin with massage oil or through clothing. The sticks are very smooth and solid so they retain heat well. The sticks can be used at room temperature or warmed in a heating pad if desired.

The “At Home” DVD includes segments on  Full body massage directly on the skin with oil Seated chair massage through clothing· Foot massage while seated· Self massage techniques

Includes everything you need to set the mood and give a relaxing bamboo massage.


8 pieces of solid bamboo sticks, soothing music CD, Candle, 4oz. unscented fractionated coconut oil, DVD showing various bamboo massage techniques.


Benefits of bamboo massage:

· Reunite with your spouse / partner                                           · Easy to apply pressure using leverage

· Your hands and fingers won’t get tired                                          · Quick and easy to warm tools if desired

· Increases blood flow / circulation                                                    · Promotes relaxation / well-being

· Reduces stress                                                                                      · Skin feels softer and more supple

· Fast and easy to clean and sanitize tools                                 


The price of the At Home bamboo kit is less expensive than one bamboo massage at most luxury resorts or spas.

Enjoy years of use from the bamboo sticks if properly cared for!

Go Green with Bamboo-fusion / Bamboo is an Eco-friendly and Renewable resource!


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