International Bamboo-Fusion Licensee Opportunity


“Dream until your dreams come true”

My name is Nathalie Cecilia and I am the founder of Bamboo-Fusion therapy. I am originally from France and in 2003, I decided to change my life and cross the Atlantic to explore life in the United States of America. Keeping my goal to help people in mind, I attended the Sarasota School Of Massage Therapy in Florida. Soon after I opened my massage practice I began to experience pain and fatigue in my hands, wrists, and thumbs. That's when I started using bamboo to help me with the ever-popular deep tissue work. I could now perform massages all day long without any of my previous difficulties. I then designed my own set of bamboo sticks and developed the routine now known as Bamboo-fusion. My dream is to help therapists provide massage without pain and to extend their careers. To achieve my goal I have been teaching since 2006 at massage schools, spas, and resorts around the world. Recognized in 2009 for my hard work and dedication The World Massage Festival inducted me into the Hall Of Fame.

As an international speaker sharing my passion with others, I am so proud to say that today Bamboo-Fusion is a reputable worldwide well-known company that provides quality massage training and bamboo-set products for the spa and massage industry.

Because many of you from different parts of the world have contacted me with the desire of bringing Bamboo-Fusion to their country, I decided to work on a licensee program to help you with your dream.

If you are passionate, determined, and dream about becoming a successful entrepreneur helping others please contact me directly at

                                          Let the journey begin!

                                                    Nathalie Cecilia