"Hall Of Fame" inductee (World Massage Festival 2009) and Teacher of the Year 2013 Nathalie Cecilia, creator and master of Bamboo Massage Therapy, was born in Nimes, South France. With a Master's degree in Philosophy and Languages from the Universitee Des Lettres De Montpellier, she began her career as a teacher and a translator.

Traveling around Europe - and later around the world - she crossed the Atlantic in order to explore the United States and experience life here. It was then she decided to change her career. Keeping her goal to help people in mind, she attended the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. Three months following her graduation in 2004, she opened Two Touch Company - a Thai studio and masage therapy office in Sarasota, Florida.

Many of Nathalie's clients were asking for deep tissue treatment. She soon began to experience pain and fatigue in her hands and wrists. When she started using bamboo to assist her with deep tissue work, she noticed that her pain subsided and her clients loved it. She developed an innovative way to give bamboo massage on the table (Bamboo-Fusion) and in the chair, meanwhile creating her own bamboo set to give the massage.

Her goal today is to help therapists provide deep massage without pain. This technique aids in avoiding repetitive injuries, such as carpal tunnel, and reduces the stress on thumbs, wrists and hands.

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Mary-Claire Fredette has been a licensed massage therapist for over ten years and loved Bamboo-fusion massage from the very first time she received it while at a convention.

She loves to hear the way her clients feel while receiving bamboo massage, but especially enjoys teaching other massage therapists how to make their clientele feel wonderful while using the bamboo tools that will also protect their hands and wrists from pain and fatigue.

Mary-Claire is the only instructor authorized to teach in the Midwest. She makes her home in Cincinnati with her husband and seven children.

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Ivy Jo Staton loves the way therapists and clients respond to Bamboo-fusion. She feels it is a gift to teach other therapists how to integrate this wonderful technique into their practice while at the same time learning a way to prolong their career and maintain a healthy body. By offering them a new tool that can be used as an extension of the body, repetitive stress injuries and fatigue are greatly reduced. Ivy Jo resides in Durham, North Carolina and is an authorized instructor for the Eastern region of the United States.

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Julie Moore has been an accomplished Zen Shiatsu Therapist in Ontario, Canada for the past twelve years. Her expertise in Zen Massages, coupled with intuitive healing abilities, makes her one of the most sought-after therapists in the country and she is blessed with an international clientele.  The warm Bamboo Fusion Massage is delightful to perform and extremely well received by Canadians because “it is so cold up here!” The Bamboo massage is a smart and valuable technique to learn.

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Mary Ann is a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Licensed Esthetician.The combination of bodywork and skin care has been an excellent match with Bamboo-fusion. It was her desire to find a technique that incorporated deep tissue, but didn’t hurt her hands. She enjoys sharing this knowledge with other massage therapists as a positive way to prolong their career and market a different modality. Mary Ann resides in Southern CA, (Orange County) and enjoys yoga, running, and traveling. She is actively involved in additional healing practices that promote a sound body, mind, spirit connection.

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Loree Kennedy is a Certified Massage Therapist and a Licensed Esthetician and the founder/owner of Institute of Sanative Arts a state license school for massage therapy in Grand Rapids Michigan. With a thirst for knowledge she has continued to take numerous classes constantly increasing her knowledge to develop a diverse approach in giving her massage clients and students a unique bodywork and education experience. It has been her passion to help other therapist, raising the quality of massage in West Michigan. It is her passion to help give therapist the tools and knowledge to work in a way which helps their clients and saves their body and believes Warm Bamboo Fusion is the by far one of the best modalities tools out there for therapist.

Loree resides in Grand Rapids Michigan where she owns and operates her own wellness spa, yoga studio Sanative Tranquility and Institute of Sanative Arts, a state licensed school for massage therapy. Loree is proud to be an authorized Bamboo-fusion instructor for the "Great State of Michigan"!

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When growing up in France, Veronique Farnault gained a deeper understanding, learning to appreciate the human body, the way it moves, how it is held, through diverse dance styles such as ballet, Afro-Brazilian, modern, jazz as well as gymnastics.

Her dance experience in France and her discovery of the wisdom of the East through yoga served as a dual foundation upon which the Educating Hands Massage School of Miami exposed her to a wide range of modalities in 2001. This multidimensional training and approach are at the source of every stroke received on her table.

Veronique has been a licensed massage therapist for over ten years, specializing in deep relaxation with  Bamboo-fusion massage, shiatsu, reflexology and aquatic bodywork.  She loves giving bamboo massage as her signature treatment, incorporating deep tissue work without fatigue, saving her hands and wrists from repetitive stress.  Veronique enjoys sharing this extraordinary technique with every massage therapist she encounters as a way to make a difference in the world one person at the time

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